What does ACEWR do?

Allband Center for Education, Wildlife & Research (ACEWR) is a non-profit organization bringing innovative technological approaches to historical rural community issues. ACEWR is helping under developed economies launch into the 21st century! Why by limited, deprived of the advances of today’s technology when we can co-exist with wildlife, protect our environment and still be compete in the economic world stage!

We offer unlimited resources and services available in rural Northeast Michigan. ACEWR has facilities throughout the area, real time video data streaming, security systems, mobile access and solar options! Support from land owners, camps, farms, coalitions, individuals, groups, non-profits, education institutions, governments and even private business is provided. Join us along with other schools and research facilities to collaborate and use advanced technology to its fullest potential and further your groups efforts.

Call us today: 989-369-9ACE

Email: info@allband.org