Allband Partners with Local Anchor Institutions

Resident Churches Receive High Speed Internet

Allband Communications Cooperative is proud to announce the partnership with three local anchors in the community. Beaver Lake Community Church, Calvary Baptist Church and Spratt United Methodist Church in Lachine are now hooked up to the Allband fiber network, providing the organizations with high speed Internet.

The local telephone and Internet provider has been furnishing services to the economically distressed and underserved area for almost 10 years. When founder, John Reigle, learned there was an unassigned area of northeastern Michigan that had no access to telephone and Internet, he developed a purpose to help. Allband’s primary mission is providing 911 and broadband services to residents who do not have options. The miles of fiber provide reliable and life-saving advanced communications in one of the most economically distressed areas of Michigan.

The churches are now equipped with access to one of the most advanced networks in Michigan. Fiber to the home technology provides vastly higher bandwidth and faster connection speeds, meeting increasing future data needs. Fiber is also safe, transmitting data through light and immune to interruption, making it the easiest service to manage for the user. The addition of this tool will allow the churches to provide opportunities to local residents. Access to Internet can potentially encourage new careers, educational advancement, business growth and connectivity throughout the area.

Allband is donating the 100 mbps download speeds Internet to Beaver Lake Community Church, Calvary Baptist Church and Spratt United Methodist Church upon a mutual agreement. The agreement will contribute to Allband’s mission to bridge the digital divide of our rural community and improve the economic development and quality of life of our community.