Montcalm County Deer Suspected Positive

Last week the Michigan DNR announced another deer may test positive for chronic wasting disease. The sample was sent to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Veterinary Services Laboratory in Ames, Iowa.

“The fact that we already have another positive deer within Montcalm County is of major concern,” said Dr. Kelly Straka, DNR state wildlife veterinarian. “We strongly recommend hunters who harvest deer in Montcalm County have their deer tested. Deer with CWD can look perfectly healthy even though they are infected.”

Chronic wasting disease has been found in 10  cases so far. The DNR has tested over 15,000 deer. This disease is a fatal neurological disease caused by the transmission of infectious proteins contained in saliva and other bodily fluids of infected animals. It can be spread through direct exposure and from carcasses of diseased animals.

Abnormal behavior, weight loss and physical debilitation are side effects that result from CWD, however deer can also go many years without showing symptoms. Chronic wasting disease does not have a cure, and once infected, the deer die.

Please be sure to get your deer checked! Maple Valley, Pine, Douglass, Montcalm, Sidney, Eureka, and Fairplain townships in Montcalm County; and Spencer and Oakfield townships in Kent County area will have mandatory deer check starting November 15th.

ACEWR is here to address these problems and find solutions. Hosting research, building testing centers and working together with land owners are pieces to ending CWD and other diseases that effect our herd. Together we can create a better habitat and protect our wildlife. For more information on how you can get involved, please fill out our ACEWR Interest form or call us today: 989.369.9223.

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