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3 Online Educational Resources to Help Prepare for School

It’s almost time for the transition from summer chaos to structure. Turning in dirty feet and greasy hair for early nights, homework and school supplies. Big changes!

Back to school can be a hard transition for your family. However, high speed broadband Internet opens the door to endless educational resources and information to help prepare your child (and you) for the next year. We found 3 online resources to share and help everyone get ready for school.

  1. PBS – is a great online educational resource with tools to help your children prepare for the classroom. With learning guides, back-to-school checklists, and tips… it has everything you need. PBS also has educational activities and games to help your child learn and grow!
    Check out the website here:
  2. STUDY FAQ – is an online tutoring and homework help platform for older students. The educational resources and services provide include aid in writing skill development, test preparation and 1 on 1 tutoring. Also, there are many study guides and how-to guides available, giving older students a bank of knowledge and educational tools through the Internet.
    Check out the website here:
  3. Funbrain – has educational games, reading, videos and a math zone. You can browse by grade to find books and games relevant for your child as the school year begins! It is a fun way to put the thinking cap back on and get ready for learning. Check out the website here:
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