LIFE WATCH Smart Home Monitoring

Official LIFE WATCH Launch

Have you heard the Life Watch buzz? What is it? How can Life Watch give me security, savings and peace of mind? Why do I need it? What products are available?

LIFE WATCH gives you control to monitor your home at an affordable price. Your home can be digital and accessible from virtually any smart device or Internet connection. A wide range of devices are available to fit specific needs.

How can you use LIFE WATCH in your home?

  • View live feed of your pets at home while you are at work
  • Receive a text of a picture when your front door is unlocked, see who your kids are bringing home after school.
  • Remotely shut your garage door or lock your doors
  • Manage your energy usage and save money
  • Vacation cottage? Detect water leaks and avoid surprise big repair bills
  • Turn on lights when motion is detected
  • Remotely control your thermostat – warm the cottage up before you arrive!
  • Get a notification if your elderly parent open (or don’t open) the medicine cabinet
  • Get a camera feed of the activity at your food plot!
  • Receive a phone call if your elderly family member has fallen down & needs help

Devices include:

  • Smart Digital Door Locks
  • Door/Window Sensors
  • Alert Pendants
  • Smart Thermostat
  • Motion Sensors
  • Water Sensor
  • Siren
  • Quality IP Cameras
  • Much more…

All Life Watch devices speak to each other, allowing you to make rules. For example, when the door unlocks, the light turns on and a picture is taken and emailed. The rules and actions of the devices are all controlled through an App or the Roompad, a 7” tablet. Customers need a high speed Internet connection (from any provider) and a router for the service to work.

With Life Watch home automation and monitoring, there are many opportunities to improve your quality of life and give you peace of mind.

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LIFE WATCH – Coming Soon!

Smart Home Monitoring Solution

We are excited to launch LIFE WATCH, our smart home and business automation solution. The products offer an access control system allowing remote control of the home from anywhere with virtually any smart mobile device or internet connection. LIFE WATCH gives you the ability to keeping on eye on your home when you are away. With LIFE WATCH you can also set and supervise parameters to manage and control your thermostats, locks and lights. Security cameras, sensors and alarms will keep your property safe and keep you informed. LIFE WATCH can help ensure that your family is always safe! Devices including cameras, motion sensors, alarms, lights, locks, garage doors and more.

LIFE WATCH can save you money with a more energy-efficient home by monitoring your consumptions and reducing unnecessary usages. Automated efficiencies save time and money and simplify your life. There is no price for the comfort of peace of mind.

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