Inside Wiring Protection

Onsite Protection against mishaps, rodent chews, weed whips and other accidents!

  • Covers all material, labor and travel charges associated with inside wiring repairs.
    • Cat 5 cable or indoor fiber cable entering your house from our demarcation point outside
    • Power wire entering your house between our network terminal and your UPS
    • RJ45/RJ11 Plugs and jacks installed by Allband

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Only $9.99/mo

Supported by Allband

Cover Me Protection Plan provides protection for inside wiring, repairs, and/or replacement wiring back to operational condition. Includes onsite service, network wire and repairs. If the wiring fails to perform its intended functions due to a breakdown, the Plan will provide onsite technical support and rewiring, as needed. This coverage covers internal wiring only, not product failures, resulting from damage from any unexpected and unintentional external event. Internet or telephones services are required at the address location of the Plan registered.