Internet Beyond Email

Internet of Things

The Internet is one of the most important resources available to us today. It is integrated into almost every aspect of our lives and constantly continuing to improve our daily processes. With this resource, we are able to be more efficient, make wiser decisions and capitalize on opportunities.

How can the Internet impact your life?

Think of one question you had today. Internet gives us access to answers. How many ounces in a quart? How long will it take to travel to visit your sister? What is the quickest route? What can I use to substitute butter? What bank is offering the lowest interest rate? What’s the weather forecast this weekend? Which perennials don’t require much sunlight? What jokes are going to circulate in the office today from last night’s presidential debate? How do I play a C-chord on the ukulele? How can I cut back on energy usage this winter? What is that one movie Steve Martin is in…? And of course, what are the advantages of fiber optic over copper cable?

Research. Question. Investigate. Discover. Answers. Connect. Know-how. Instructions. Recipes. Tutorials. Step-by-Step. Maps. How-to. Top 10. Sales. News. Advice. Expertise. Jobs. Training. Knowledge. INFORMATION.

The Internet gives us access. At our fingertips, we can learn anything. What do you want to know? Just Google it.