Jim and Jo Taylor Spotlight (testimonial)

Jim Taylor has worked as an insurance adjuster out of his home in Long Rapids, Michigan since approximately 1998. The duties of Mr. Taylor’s position entails daily downloads including photos and large data reports as well as uploads of photos and data to complete his reporting requirements. Completing his reports at the end of the day without any major technical glitches or downtime makes his day a whole lot easier and saves him loads of time. His wife, Jo Taylor is a medical transcriptionist and the quality of service of the internet connection is directly proportional to the productivity in her career as it relies 100% on the internet connection for 100% of the duties of the position. Since the Taylor’s have had Allband high-speed internet they have both noticed a dramatic improvement in the productivity and output of their work, reduction of overall time spent on the computer, and an increase in family time. One aspect Jim likes about Allband high-speed internet is that “it [internet] is consistent, and extremely fast for uploads compared to what I was used to” and now he has come to be less tolerant with the speeds of other internet services from local competitors.

Jim has also been able to pursue higher education for the last five years while being able to work full time. His academic goals include earning at least a Master’s degree in Psychology and becoming a licensed marriage counselor. Jim stated that “this all would not have been possible without Allband high-speed internet”.