LIFE WATCH – Coming Soon!

Smart Home Monitoring Solution

We are excited to launch LIFE WATCH, our smart home and business automation solution. The products offer an access control system allowing remote control of the home from anywhere with virtually any smart mobile device or internet connection. LIFE WATCH gives you the ability to keeping on eye on your home when you are away. With LIFE WATCH you can also set and supervise parameters to manage and control your thermostats, locks and lights. Security cameras, sensors and alarms will keep your property safe and keep you informed. LIFE WATCH can help ensure that your family is always safe! Devices including cameras, motion sensors, alarms, lights, locks, garage doors and more.

LIFE WATCH can save you money with a more energy-efficient home by monitoring your consumptions and reducing unnecessary usages. Automated efficiencies save time and money and simplify your life. There is no price for the comfort of peace of mind.