Home & Family

  • Get alerts when the kids arrive home from school – and a photo to see who they are with
  • Receive a text when your gun cabinet is opened
  • Remotely unlock a door for kids, guests or deliveries
  • Set a rule to automatically power off a TV or game system at bedtime
  • Watch a live feed of pets while you’re away
  • Control your thermostat, save on energy costs
  • Get alerts when the liquor cabinet is opened
  • Automatically send a photo when motion is detected at front door
  • Shut the garage door from anywhere
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Business Solutions

  • Monitor store or office activity with video
  • Save energy by adjusting HVAC
  • Get video records and alerts if a door opens after-hours
  • Point-of-Sale solution – if cash drawer is open for more than 30 seconds, call in an alert to managers.
  • Smart Access IP readers make it easy to manage and secure building entry
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Senior Care

  • Monitor your aging loved ones with cameras
  • Avoid burglary with cameras and digital door locks
  • With an alert pendant, the system will call your phone notifying you of an emergency
  • Receive notifications when their medicine door is opened (or not)
  • Capture pulse and analyzes data to report blood pressure and other vital sign measurements from the comfort of home.
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Smart Farming

  • Monitor grain levels, feed bins and silos
  • Watch fuel and fertilizer tank levels
  • Ensure grain bins and silos have the right temperature and moisture.
  • Monitor the conditions in livestock facilities – water, temperature, utilities, generators and more.
  • Keep assets safe with cameras when you are away, sending alerts right to your phone.
  • Reduce maintenance costs & increase profits and freedom
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Seasonal Home

  • Remotely lock/unlock doors for visitors
  • Avoid a disaster with water leak detection
  • Receive notification if motion is detected in or around your home
  • Manage the temperature so your home is ready when you arrive
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