We are updating our billing system! To login to the correct system, review the images below. Click the button under the images that most resemble where you typically make payments.

Hint: If your bills look the same, and you’ve not received a notification that you’ve been moved over, then you are still on the old system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Register for Online Billing

Step 1 – Go to http://customerportal.allbandcomm.com

Step 2 – Click “Register an account here!”

Step 3 – Enter the email address on your account

Step 4 – Click “Look Up Email Address”

Click here for video instructions!

If you have any trouble, call us!

Bill Dates

Bills are emailed monthly on the first day of the month. Charges will services dated from the beginning to the end of that billing month. There may be prorations based on new service or changes requested.

Autopay runs on the 15th each month, and payments are due by the 20th. If a payment is missed, service may be interrupted if not paid by the 11th of the following month and no payment plan was set up.

Cancel or Move Service

Reach out by chat, email, or phone.

If you are moving service, put in a new service application.

If cancelling, there are no cancellation fees unless equipment is damaged or not returned. Please note that you may have a pending balance, so make sure to give us your updated mailing address and schedule an equipment pickup.

Discounts for Veterans

Allband is saying thank you and honoring our veterans with discounts! Qualifying persons must have current, active Allband service, and provide proof of service and residence. Eligible persons will receive a monthly discount of $15 and will be honored on our Veteran’s page. Discounts are only applied while service is active.

Discounts for Lifeline Recipients

The Lifeline program is designed to make internet and phone services more affordable and accessible for all by providing a discount on Internet and/or phone services. To sign up, first check your eligibility and apply online. Once approved, complete our consent form to apply your discount to your Allband services. You will need your application ID. To request a mailed application, or for questions about your application, contact Lifeline at (800) 234-9473 or  LifelineSupport@usac.org. Still not sure? Call us with questions or check out these video instructions. Note: Discounts are only applied while service is active.

Nonpayment Shutoff Policy

Your Allband service will be suspended if we’re not able to process your payment. Once your account is past due, we’ll send an email reminding you to make a payment. If payment is not received within 20 days or by the 11th after the missed payment.

To avoid disruption to your service, a payment must be made by the 11th following the missed payment (approximately 20 days). You can also contact us to make payment arrangements. Your service will still be interrupted if you do not meet the terms of your payment arrangement.

If your service has been disrupted, a call our office to make a payment and have the service restored. A reconnection fee of $99 will also be due at that time. If you’re having difficulty connecting once restored, please unplug your device from power for 5-10 seconds and then plug it back in. If you still need help, please contact us at (989) 369-9999.

Payment Options

We accept credit cards, debit cards, and checks.

You can set up automatic payments to save on late fees, pay online, pay by mail, or pay by phone.