Jerry McBride was one of the founding members of our Cooperative and served on our Board of Directors as the Secretary for almost twenty years!  He also made the very first call on our network back in 2006 from his home on Frutchey Ranch Rd.  Bob joined forces with John Reigle, Al Kaercher, Bob Hastings and others to start the Cooperative and greatly added to the heart and soul of our Cooperative.  After he passed, something felt different, like something was missing, but what we found and held on to was a legacy of passion, commitment and patience that we will never forget.

Jerry – Like other Allband heroes that we have lost, we miss you every day.  You always had a positive attitude, a great smile and maybe the best way of saying “hello”!  I can still hear and picture you saying hello when walking in the door.  You were a true gentleman, a stout supporter of our Coop and your dedication to our cause was truly something special.  You will forever remain a part of our lives and an inspiration for those who continue to support our Cooperative mission to conquer the digital divide.  Thank you Jerry.  – Ron Siegel, GM (October 2021)

Jerry McBride Obituary