Ray and Carla Brimm Spotlight (testimonial)

Ray Brimm is a respected security specialist for Mitchell Township Citizens Watch in Curran, Michigan. Ray takes this position very seriously, and uses cutting edge security technology both personally and professionally. The Brimm’s have multiple internet based cameras located on his properties which covers a monitoring area of 60 of his 80 total acres of land and two houses. Allband helped make this possible by furnishing two access points, thereby increasing the Wi-Fi coverage area.

The best part is that the IP based (internet based) cameras were very easy and simple to install and set up. Ray uses Belkin NetCam Wi-Fi cameras with night vision that can be monitored from a computer or smart phone anywhere he goes. The cameras are also equipped with motion activation that can take video or pictures when motion is detected and send them to your smart phone to notify him of a possible intrusion, or even to track animals moving across his property.

Carla Brimm works from home as a system analyst for the Publicist Groupe, and she is on call most of the time and serves a multitude of companies in several different areas of IT management. She has been working for the company for the past 16 years, and she was unable to do so from Curran, MI until they had Allband high-speed internet at their residence. Carla enjoys the fact that with her well-connected wireless property, she can be fixing a server and deer hunting at the same time! Having fiber optic internet to the home has allowed her to stay at their Curran residence giving her more time with her husband Ray and saving her time and money traveling to and from the Metro Detroit office.