Wireless Internet Solution Expansion Project

Construction to Begin as Network Growth Continues

Allband Multimedia has planned expansion to reach the residents of McCollum Lake and Crooked Lake areas in Curran, Michigan with a wireless Internet solution. The McCollum Lake and Crooked Lake areas have not been accessible to the Fiber to the Home technology Allband has been installing in the Northeast Michigan territory since 2005 because of unclear easement issues and impossible wetland ground conditions.

The dedicated Allband team has found a resolution for the seemingly impassable barriers preventing delivery of Internet and phone services to desired users. To answer the growing demand of residents reaching out and requesting access, Allband has engineered a wireless solution consisting of Fiber to Cambium access points, casting the wireless signal across the lakes.

Installation is set to begin Friday, May 22nd with activations beginning the first of June. Users will be able to enjoy up to 40 mbps download speeds and free installation. Allband provides services with no contracts and no hidden rates.

After nearly 10 years of connecting Northeastern Michigan with affordable high speed Fiber Internet and telephone services, Allband continues to expand it’s optical fiber network. The unique opportunity to serve the small, rural area drives the passion behind Allband’s mission to continue to facilitate economic growth and improve the quality of life of residents.