Wireless Internet

Allband now offers a wireless Internet solution in Hillman, Michigan. The wireless Internet is fed by advanced, lightning fast fiber optics. We guarantee 5 mbps download and upload speeds, otherwise it will not be installed. The average experience is 15-18 mbps symmetrical. Speeds as low as 5 mbps would occur if the signal is weaker than average or there is an obstruction issue. Allband also has no data caps and no throttling.

As a local, community company, Allband has always focused on serving area residents. Allband has been serving rural, Northeast Michigan for over 10 years by providing reliable and affordable service to individuals in under served areas with little to no access to dependable telephone and Internet connections.

The video below is an Allband customer testimonial. Aimee runs Hillman Real Estate in downtown Hillman, Michigan and trusts Allband’s Wireless Internet Solution to meet the needs of her business. Press play to hear what Aimee has to say about her experience.

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Community Focused

Allband started in Curran, Michigan over 10 years ago with an individual determined to get Internet to his home to run his business. Horror story after horror story met him on his local quest to discover how local individuals got by without a telephone or Internet connection. The mission was born: to build a company to serve the unserved and underserved. Allband has always been a community company. The community members that make up Allband’s network are delivered the fastest and most reliable Internet connection in Michigan. Why? Because Allband cares. We do NOT want to simply fix the problem, we want to build a strong foundation our patrons can rely on forever.

Local customer service and a mission to serve rural America with reliable, affordable, high speed Internet!

How it Works

Partnerships with Microsoft and Merit have made it possible for Allband to provide the high speed, wireless Internet signal to Hillman residents.

The strength, speed and reliability of Internet solution is sourced by fiber optics. Fiber runs directly to the tower that relays the signal. The signal is sent from the top of the tower to receivers on homes and businesses throughout the community.

The wireless Internet signal is possible by using TV White Spaces. TV White Spaces are unused blocks of broadcast spectrum located between frequencies assigned to television stations. Microsoft’s Airband initiative is deploying TV White Space technology to rural communities throughout the United States. Hillman is one of the 12 pilot projects!

To receive the high speed signal, there are multiple receiver options based on different variables like your distance from the tower. Installation rates are starting at $299 and monthly payment plans are available. The service is $39.99/month, BUT call today to lock in our $29.99 introductory rate for 6 months.

We are confident you will be please with the speed and reliability of our service, but also acknowledge that many residents and businesses have had negative experience with other providers in regards to cost, reliability and actual speeds received. This is why we offer a 30 day money back guarantee*! Subscribe with confidence. We care about our community and we know how important reliable broadband is in this day and age. We look forward to serving you!

Financing Options

Allband is offering three and six month financing options to our wireless solution customers with a one year contract. Community Financial Credit Union is providing more financing options for Allband Communications wireless solution customers. Contact Community Financial Credit Union for discounted loan options: 877-937-2328