High Speed
Wireless Internet
in Hillman

This fiber optic fed wireless solution is now available in limited areas.
Up to 50 Mbps

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High Speed Internet & Telephone services can be bundled to save you money


More than just a telecommunications provider, we are here for all your computer needs


Try Allband’s crystal clear telephone service with all the bells and whistles


Reliable, secure, high-speed Internet over our state-of-the-art fiber optic network


Here at Allband, we take pride in our community


Allband introduces LIFE WATCH home automation and monitoring

Would you like to watch YOUR food plot?
If so, call us today: 989-369-9999!

Life Watch live video feed is temporarily unavailable.
The equipment is being relocated in preparation for celebration of 100 years of elk.
Michigan’s native elk disappeared in the 1800s and were reintroduced in 1918.

Stay tuned!

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