Wildlife & Habitat Management Initiative

ACEWR – Nonprofit Seeking Wildlife & Habitat Improvement

ACEWR held a meeting in September to gather individuals with a common interest: protecting and improving our Northeast Michigan region.

Allband Communications Service Area

Allband Center for Education, Wildlife & Research (ACEWR) is a nonprofit organization with a focus on bringing innovative technological approaches to rural community issues. ACEWR was created to find solutions to utilize the high-speed Internet infrastructure to make our community better. One avenue is combining natural resource initiatives with 21st century technology to find innovative solutions to protecting our environment and enhancing research to improve our wildlife.

ACEWR hosted a wildlife & habitat management meeting at Allband’s home office in Curran, Michigan last month. The discussion included Anna Metterling from the MUCC (Michigan Wildlife Cooperatives), Northeast Michigan QDMA branch and Mike Adams from Up North Journal. The foundational meeting opened up the forum for local camps, land-owners, hunt clubs and associations by presenting issues and opportunities to work together as a cooperative.

A cooperative gives a vehicle for like-minded individuals to collaborate on a big common interest: caring for and improving our land. A cooperative of local camps can create a game plan for issues including improving deer hunting, logging, food plots, deer surveys, buck-to-doe ratios, bovine TB, chronic wasting disease, oak wilt and working against invasive species. Working together and sharing information can clear up misconceptions, break down boundaries and open doors to opportunity and improvement.

The complete video of the meeting was broadcasted live on Facebook and can be found at www.facebook.com/AllbandResearch or on our YouTube channel. Videos are titled “Wildlife & Habitat Management Meeting Part 1” and “Wildlife & Habitat Management Meeting Part 2.”

ACEWR is looking for opportunities to collaborate on research projects, build research platforms and use cutting edge technology to gather data and bring knowledge to the forefront. The non-profit has unlimited resources and services available in rural Northeast Michigan including facilities, equipment, real time video data streaming, security systems, mobile access and solar options. Together with land-owners, education institutions, government, other non-profit groups, farms and even private businesses, ACEWR can leverage technology to do more.

If you are interested in collaborating your ideas and expertise with ACEWR’s technology and resources, call ACEWR at: 989.369.9ACE.