Seasonal Reactivation Policy

Save on monthly charges while you are away! Place your internet, and phone on seasonal hold until you return.

If you are a seasonal customer and do not need your service year-round, services may be temporarily suspension at anytime, but reactivation rates will apply as follows:

  • Service must remain active for 1 month when restored.
  • $99 – if service is restored within 6 months.
  • $199 – if service is restored after 6 months of suspension.
  • Reactivation fee does not apply if one phone or one internet service is kept active.

If a router is leased and temporary suspension is requested:

  • You will be still be charged monthly for the lease
  • If you would like to turn the router in while on suspension, the router must be returned to the Allband office at 7251 Cemetery Rd and picked up upon reactivation.
  • An Allband technician is available to pickup and/or deliver the leased router (standard travel charges apply)

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