Service Call Rates

Need a service call? Here is a simple list of how we charge, what is covered and what’s not.

    • Onsite flat rate – $65 per round trip
    • Hourly labor – $100/hr per technician (30 minute minimum)
    • Parts – dependent on what is needed
    • Technician will use discretion in complex circumstances
Not billable under the following conditions:

Failure of Allband Equipment such as:

    • Optical Network Terminal (ONT)
    • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and battery
    • Fiber-optic issues with signal
    • Router that is leased from Allband
    • Router that is purchased from Allband and has an active warranty
Billable under the following conditions:

Accidental damage such as:

    • Pets or rodent chews
    • Line cut by construction or maintenance
    • Inside wiring and jack repairs

Tech support such as:

    • Unplugged equipment
    • Failed outlet, breaker or power source
    • Network issues that are caused by incorrect setup of customer-owned equipment
    • Support for customer-owned routers and/or other internet-capable device