Thank you Carl Travis for your feedback!

We received the below email from Mr. Travis.  Carl…we greatly appreciate the feedback!  Thank you for being a valued customer.

“I want to thank Trevor for the help in getting the glitches in my computer taken care of so I can connect back on to the internet. I would also like to thank Ron Siegel and all of the staff at Allband MultiMedia for bringing High speed Broadband internet to the Mikado area. They are looking to expand in the area and are making the efforts to do so. One thing I really appreciate about Allband is how they have been upfront about their progress, and even about the occasional setbacks and roadblocks that they’ve encountered in bringing Broadband to the northeast Michigan area. Thank you for what you’ve done, and for what you want to do to help this area move forward technologically. I look forward to seeing all you want to accomplish here.”
Sincerely Yours
Carl Travis
Mikado, Mi.