Allband Communications Supports Senate Bill 399

General Manager Ron Siegel Provides Testimony

The Telecommunications Association of Michigan (TAM), has been active in the efforts to support Senate Bill 399. Senate Bill 399 will help promote broadband investment by limiting the fees and conditions counties impose for right-of-way permits. It will standardize the permit fees that county road commissions charge telecommunications providers for projects in the right-of-way of a county road. Currently fees vary widely across the state.

The telecommunications industry was the only industry group participating a state legislative committee hearing earlier this month. General Manager of Allband Communications Cooperative, Ron Siegel, was part of the testimony, sharing Allband’s experience with the permit fees and conditions during fiber optic network expansion. Ron Siegel applauds the efforts of the state and counties to come together to work through the barriers that prevent investment and widespread telecommunications. The standardization of the county fees will encourage Allband’s continued network growth to provide high speed fiber optic internet and telephone access to more residents throughout Northeastern Michigan.

Allband is committed to working with all levels of governments to work through obstacles preventing broadband investment. Working together to coordinate the expansion of broadband will produce opportunities in our area and provide a gateway to the new age of communication and digital life in our communities.