Monumental Savings on High Speed Broadband Internet

To celebrate our country’s 241st birthday, Allband Communications is giving away discounts for our high-speed Internet and telephone fiber construction.

Email the coupon code “EXPLOSION” to and receive your discount on FIBER construction!

Why Allband? Allband provides FIBER to the home. Fiber optic cable is the way of the future. Instead of outdated copper cables, fiber optic cables are glass threads that transmit communication signals through pulses of light waves. Fiber optic cables provide a higher bandwidth (meaning you get faster speeds) and can transmit data over longer distances (so your signal doesn’t loose strength and you don’t need signal boosters). Fiber is also less susceptible interference!

Allband also BURIES the FIBER cables. What does that mean? Your connection will not be effected by weather. It also keeps our pristine Northeast Michigan country looking beautiful. No gangly poles and wires… Yuck!

A new study by researchers at the University of Colorado and Carnegie Mellon University shows that high speed FIBER Internet can add an average of 3.1% to your home value! Turning a $175,000 home into $180,425, adding over $5,000 to your property value. Fiber Internet is becoming an amenity that enables residents to download and stream and do everything so much faster! What could you do with the extra speed?

Email the coupon code “EXPLOSION” to today to LOCK in your discount and get the FIBER construction process started.

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