Forging Our Own Way

Allband Communications Connecting Communities

Allband Communications was recently featured in an article showcasing the story of how Allband got started over 10 years ago in the north woods of Michigan.

The article was published on, an organization that aids broadband movement by providing resources to build broadband networks directly accountable to the communities they serve. They work with communities across the United States to create policies to ensure telecommunications networks serve the community, rather than the community serving the network.

The goal of Allband Communications has always been to improve and serve communities by providing much needed connectivity. It is an honor to be noticed by and featured in a story.

Do you know Allband’s unique story? The new products and services introduced over the past 10 years? The work and mission of the non-profit Allband Center for Education, Wildlife and Research?

Check out the full article here.

Picture in Spruce, Michigan, courtesy of