James Baarlaer was a member of  our Cooperative who decided to volunteer his time and join the Board of Directors as our Treasurer.  James or Jim as we all called him, brought passion, curiosity and an appreciation for our Coop’s efforts which prompted him to serve on the Board.  Jim served in the military and retired in our Coop region as a caretaker for a well-known hunting camp.  He loved technology, always trying out the next best thing and had a special relationship with his dogs that he cared for very much.  Despite his failing health, Jim always made it to our Board meetings and would even make an effort stop in to the office to chat about our finances and to see how we were doing.  Jim was a great man with a greater heart and he has been very-much missed since his passing.  We are very grateful to have known Jim and greatly appreciated his leadership and support of our rural mission.

Jim – I have fond memories of our conversations at the office and at your home when I would stop by to help you with your computer issues.  You always had the best TV in town!  You were always very thankful for the access you had to our network and we will always be appreciative of your dedication to the Cooperative, even when your health took a turn for the worse.  Thank you for the memories. – Ron Siegel GM (October 2021)

James Baarlaer Obituary