Katherine “Kittie” Hastings was the wife of long-time Board member, Robert Hastings.  It is said that there is always a good woman behind every good man, well Kittie was no exception.  Kittie was a major supporter of Allband’s efforts and despite not being an official Board member, was right there by our side every step of the way.  Anybody who has been involved with Allband since the early days will recall one of the funniest stories of all time involving an engineer on her doorstep. We will leave it at that!  Like her husband Robert, Kittie was an MSU graduate and happily opened her home to student researchers trying to fix the digital divide and to anyone who would aid her quest for a reliable telephone.  Our President and Founder often shares the story of when he first approached Bob about joining the cooperative and before he could answer, Kittie made it very clear that, “Yes we want a phone!”.

“Kittie – thank you for all that you did for Allband and the support you offered to our team.  It was a privilege to know you and we miss you very much.” – Ron Siegel, GM (October 2021)

Katherine Hastings Obituary