Robert Hastings was one of the original founding board members of Allband Communications Cooperative and was ironically one of the first people who Ron Siegel, long-time manager of Allband, interviewed for a research project while studying rural telecommunication development at Michigan State University.  Bob started volunteering his time with President and founder, John Reigle, 20 years ago to recruit coop members and then served on the Board for almost as long.  He joined the Coop’s mission early-on to make sure that reliable 911, telephone and Internet was accessible to everyone, regardless of where you lived.  His experience in the utility construction business was invaluable in the early days of the Cooperative’s development and through thick and thin, never wavered in his commitment to serve his community.  Bob was a humble, kind, and supportive man and our Cooperative owes him a tremendous amount of gratitude and respect.  The Allband Team and its community remain forever grateful to Bob and his family for his many years of service and support.

“Bob, you will forever hold a place in my heart and memory.  I will never forget that trip when I drove students up to interview you and I met with you and Kitty, you were such a nice, supportive man to let us into your home and it helped that you were an MSU man!  I still have the MSU trash can you gave to me to put in the central office when it was finished.  I wish I could thank you one more time for the unconditional support you showed me over the years and the time you gave up serving on the Board and supporting our efforts.  It has been hard at times, but you were always there.  I also cherish the memories from the golf outing that you invited me to with Jerry, Al and the rest of the clan.  You will forever remain a part of the heart and soul of our Cooperative.  Rest well my friend. – Ron Siegel, GM (October 2021)

Robert Hastings Obituary