Allband Partners with Local Anchor Institutions

Resident Churches Receive High Speed Internet

Allband Communications Cooperative is proud to announce the partnership with three local anchors in the community. Beaver Lake Community Church, Calvary Baptist Church and Spratt United Methodist Church in Lachine are now hooked up to the Allband fiber network, providing the organizations with high speed Internet.

The local telephone and Internet provider has been furnishing services to the economically distressed and underserved area for almost 10 years. When founder, John Reigle, learned there was an unassigned area of northeastern Michigan that had no access to telephone and Internet, he developed a purpose to help. Allband’s primary mission is providing 911 and broadband services to residents who do not have options. The miles of fiber provide reliable and life-saving advanced communications in one of the most economically distressed areas of Michigan.

The churches are now equipped with access to one of the most advanced networks in Michigan. Fiber to the home technology provides vastly higher bandwidth and faster connection speeds, meeting increasing future data needs. Fiber is also safe, transmitting data through light and immune to interruption, making it the easiest service to manage for the user. The addition of this tool will allow the churches to provide opportunities to local residents. Access to Internet can potentially encourage new careers, educational advancement, business growth and connectivity throughout the area.

Allband is donating the 100 mbps download speeds Internet to Beaver Lake Community Church, Calvary Baptist Church and Spratt United Methodist Church upon a mutual agreement. The agreement will contribute to Allband’s mission to bridge the digital divide of our rural community and improve the economic development and quality of life of our community.

Allband Communications Supports Senate Bill 399

General Manager Ron Siegel Provides Testimony

The Telecommunications Association of Michigan (TAM), has been active in the efforts to support Senate Bill 399. Senate Bill 399 will help promote broadband investment by limiting the fees and conditions counties impose for right-of-way permits. It will standardize the permit fees that county road commissions charge telecommunications providers for projects in the right-of-way of a county road. Currently fees vary widely across the state.

The telecommunications industry was the only industry group participating a state legislative committee hearing earlier this month. General Manager of Allband Communications Cooperative, Ron Siegel, was part of the testimony, sharing Allband’s experience with the permit fees and conditions during fiber optic network expansion. Ron Siegel applauds the efforts of the state and counties to come together to work through the barriers that prevent investment and widespread telecommunications. The standardization of the county fees will encourage Allband’s continued network growth to provide high speed fiber optic internet and telephone access to more residents throughout Northeastern Michigan.

Allband is committed to working with all levels of governments to work through obstacles preventing broadband investment. Working together to coordinate the expansion of broadband will produce opportunities in our area and provide a gateway to the new age of communication and digital life in our communities.

LIFE WATCH Smart Home Monitoring

Official LIFE WATCH Launch

Have you heard the Life Watch buzz? What is it? How can Life Watch give me security, savings and peace of mind? Why do I need it? What products are available?

LIFE WATCH gives you control to monitor your home at an affordable price. Your home can be digital and accessible from virtually any smart device or Internet connection. A wide range of devices are available to fit specific needs.

How can you use LIFE WATCH in your home?

  • View live feed of your pets at home while you are at work
  • Receive a text of a picture when your front door is unlocked, see who your kids are bringing home after school.
  • Remotely shut your garage door or lock your doors
  • Manage your energy usage and save money
  • Vacation cottage? Detect water leaks and avoid surprise big repair bills
  • Turn on lights when motion is detected
  • Remotely control your thermostat – warm the cottage up before you arrive!
  • Get a notification if your elderly parent open (or don’t open) the medicine cabinet
  • Get a camera feed of the activity at your food plot!
  • Receive a phone call if your elderly family member has fallen down & needs help

Devices include:

  • Smart Digital Door Locks
  • Door/Window Sensors
  • Alert Pendants
  • Smart Thermostat
  • Motion Sensors
  • Water Sensor
  • Siren
  • Quality IP Cameras
  • Much more…

All Life Watch devices speak to each other, allowing you to make rules. For example, when the door unlocks, the light turns on and a picture is taken and emailed. The rules and actions of the devices are all controlled through an App or the Roompad, a 7” tablet. Customers need a high speed Internet connection (from any provider) and a router for the service to work.

With Life Watch home automation and monitoring, there are many opportunities to improve your quality of life and give you peace of mind.

Call our office to learn more: 989-369-9999

Allband’s Anniversary

Prizes to the People

Allband celebrated our 10-year anniversary on Saturday, September 5th at Beaver Lake Park in Lachine, MI with our community members. It was a beautiful day on the lake and we had a great turn-out. Over 300 guests came to commemorate Allband’s 10 years of community-minded business! LIFE WATCH, our new home automation product line, was displayed for individuals to view, including a camera, door sensors, motion sensors, digital door locks and more. Guests were thanked with a delicious pulled pork lunch, provided by Sherry O’Brien’s catering. Can coozies, lunch bags and camo Allband hats were given as door prizes, a small token of our thanks for the continued support.

Toward the end of our event, we pulled names from the raffles for our big prizes. Winners  and prizes included: Elizabeth with a Roku, Ralph with the XBOX ONE, Charlotte with a Roku, Dave with an Ipad Min, Taylor with an Apple TV (pictured), Alayna with an Ipod Touch (pictured), Cheyenne with the Asus Chromebook, Roxy with an Apple TV and Neil with the Remington Hunting Rifle! Giving these electronics away, Allband hopes to continue to spread the benefits and importance of the impact of broadband.

Alayna Roster_Ipod TouchWe are thrilled we had the opportunity to recognized our 10-year mile-marker with so many great individuals. Thank you to everyone who took the time to come celebrate with our team and make our anniversary party a success!

Allband will continue to grow and explore opportunities to live our mission in years to come; develop rural communities with wide spread broadband access, or in other words, a gateway to a new age of communication and digital life.

LIFE WATCH – Coming Soon!

Smart Home Monitoring Solution

We are excited to launch LIFE WATCH, our smart home and business automation solution. The products offer an access control system allowing remote control of the home from anywhere with virtually any smart mobile device or internet connection. LIFE WATCH gives you the ability to keeping on eye on your home when you are away. With LIFE WATCH you can also set and supervise parameters to manage and control your thermostats, locks and lights. Security cameras, sensors and alarms will keep your property safe and keep you informed. LIFE WATCH can help ensure that your family is always safe! Devices including cameras, motion sensors, alarms, lights, locks, garage doors and more.

LIFE WATCH can save you money with a more energy-efficient home by monitoring your consumptions and reducing unnecessary usages. Automated efficiencies save time and money and simplify your life. There is no price for the comfort of peace of mind.

Allband Celebrates 10 Years

At the end of this month, we are celebrating 10 years of business! This milestone has been made possible by our community, loyal customers and supporters. What have we accomplished in 10 years? We have completed over 400 miles of fiber construction in our rural communities! We have provided over 150 cooperative members with service, who where previously without telephone service and 911. Allband has also hooked up high speed Internet to over 650 multimedia customers who where previously without broadband.

We are extremely proud of the services we have been able to provide to help facilitate growth and development. We are excited to introduce our future plans and continue to positively impact our communities.

Will you join us? We want to celebrate with our community, customers, future customers and supporters. Our free cookout event is to thank you! We are teaming up with Beaver Lake Park to host our 10 year anniversary party. Beaver Lake Park will be running a kiddie carnival with prizes for the children.

WHEN: Saturday, September 5th
TIME: Noon – 3PM
WHERE: Beaver Lake Park, Lachine, MI
WHAT: FREE Cookout & Giveaways
INCLUDING: Hunting Rifle!

Everyone is invited and we hope to see you there!

Questions? 989-369-9999

Internet Beyond Email

Internet of Things

The Internet is one of the most important resources available to us today. It is integrated into almost every aspect of our lives and constantly continuing to improve our daily processes. With this resource, we are able to be more efficient, make wiser decisions and capitalize on opportunities.

How can the Internet impact your life?

Think of one question you had today. Internet gives us access to answers. How many ounces in a quart? How long will it take to travel to visit your sister? What is the quickest route? What can I use to substitute butter? What bank is offering the lowest interest rate? What’s the weather forecast this weekend? Which perennials don’t require much sunlight? What jokes are going to circulate in the office today from last night’s presidential debate? How do I play a C-chord on the ukulele? How can I cut back on energy usage this winter? What is that one movie Steve Martin is in…? And of course, what are the advantages of fiber optic over copper cable?

Research. Question. Investigate. Discover. Answers. Connect. Know-how. Instructions. Recipes. Tutorials. Step-by-Step. Maps. How-to. Top 10. Sales. News. Advice. Expertise. Jobs. Training. Knowledge. INFORMATION.

The Internet gives us access. At our fingertips, we can learn anything. What do you want to know? Just Google it.

Customer Survey

We Want to Know

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Wireless Internet Solution Expansion Project

Construction to Begin as Network Growth Continues

Allband Multimedia has planned expansion to reach the residents of McCollum Lake and Crooked Lake areas in Curran, Michigan with a wireless Internet solution. The McCollum Lake and Crooked Lake areas have not been accessible to the Fiber to the Home technology Allband has been installing in the Northeast Michigan territory since 2005 because of unclear easement issues and impossible wetland ground conditions.

The dedicated Allband team has found a resolution for the seemingly impassable barriers preventing delivery of Internet and phone services to desired users. To answer the growing demand of residents reaching out and requesting access, Allband has engineered a wireless solution consisting of Fiber to Cambium access points, casting the wireless signal across the lakes.

Installation is set to begin Friday, May 22nd with activations beginning the first of June. Users will be able to enjoy up to 40 mbps download speeds and free installation. Allband provides services with no contracts and no hidden rates.

After nearly 10 years of connecting Northeastern Michigan with affordable high speed Fiber Internet and telephone services, Allband continues to expand it’s optical fiber network. The unique opportunity to serve the small, rural area drives the passion behind Allband’s mission to continue to facilitate economic growth and improve the quality of life of residents.